BWG Bavaria 2018 glacier white

333,00 €
Brand: BWG Bavarian Watch

The BWG Bavaria 2018 glacier white watch exudes luxury and sophistication. Its sleek, modern design combines strength and elegance with ease. The dial's simplicity allows for easy reading without any unnecessary extras, while the hidden tachymeter adds a functional element. The hand-polished facets and brushed surfaces create a beautiful contrast, a testament to the craftsmanship required to create this masterpiece

  • stainless steel case 316L polished and brushed by hand
  • scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • brass dial with Swiss varnish precision printed
  • Bavaroise hands brass rhodium plated or with blue varnish
  • strap medical silicone anti allergic and steel 316L bucket.
  • 40,2 mm diameter, 8,5 mm thickness

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