BWG Bavaria 2018 glacier white sport

333,00 €
Brand: BWG Bavarian Watch

This top-quality quartz timepiece adds flair to the watch world. Constructed for rugged sports yet designed in a stylish and modern way, it effortlessly blends opposites. The sporty dial captivates with its exceptional readability and surprises with intricate details. Additionally, a hidden tachymeter inside the Rehaut allows for precise measurements of quantity and speed. Not just a three-dimensional extension of the dial the rehaut also serve as a functional element.

  • stainless steel case 316L polished and brushed by hand
  • scratch resistant sapphire crystal
  • brass dial with Swiss varnish precision printed
  • Bavaroise hands brass rhodium plated or with blue varnish
  • strap medical silicone anti allergic and steel 316L bucket.
  • 40,2 mm diameter, 8,5 mm thickness

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